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Michael Bisping ‘I’m Not Training With D.C. Because I Might Fight Him Next’

Published On September 27, 2017 | MMA News

Michael Bisping is already on a collision course with former UFC welterweight king Georges St. Pierre. The two are set to fight for the middleweight title at UFC 217 in New York City and although Bisping has been saying it might be his final fight, he might be tempted to stick around for another one.

During the UFC post fight show this past weekend, Cormier was having some fun at the Fox desk, as he talked about who the next possible challengers would be for his light heavyweight title, but also made some interesting remarks towards Bisping.

“Get my feet back under me, something kind of easy — give me Bisping. Give me Bisping!” Cormier said smiling and laughing.

“I’m trying to do some easy work. Give me Bisping.”

Bisping saw it a bit differently though, and jumped on the Believe You Me Podcast to explain what happened.

“Speaking of guys that think they can take me – which of course when I say this, most people are gonna think he can take me – I was working with Daniel Cormier at the weekend and . . . all he kept talking about all weekend was, ‘Mike, I want to fight you next. I want to fight you.’ On air, off air, at the hotel, constantly. He was like, ‘Mike, I will break you within five minutes.’ Dude, are you crazy? Do you really believe that?

Bisping isn’t sure if Cormier was just joking around or if he was really looking for a fight. Either way, the middleweight champ says he’s down to fight D.C. and knows it would be a huge fight.

“I don’t know if he’s joking or if he’s serious, but if he is serious, I’ll fight him next even though I said last week I’m gonna retire. I would fight Daniel Cormier because that would be a huge fight. DC is a great guy, he’s hilarious, hell of a fighter and he seems to be targeting a fight with me. So DC, if you’re serious, which I kind of think you are, then yeah, screw it, if only to annoy everyone in the world I will, again, fight somebody who doesn’t fight at middleweight.”

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