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Michael Bisping Says Georges St-Pierre’s Camp Interested In Fight

Published On June 17, 2016 | MMA News

Bloody Elbow – Michael Bisping’s first title defense is still pretty much up in the air, with the new champion not sold on rematching Luke Rockhold immediately after the KO win, and Chris Weidman who is coming off a loss. Bisping has instead expressed interest in avenging a loss to Dan Henderson, or taking a big money fight against Georges St-Pierre, and it looks like there is mutual interest in both.

Henderson has said he is open to having the title rematch as his retirement bout, and now Bisping reveals that he has already been contacted by GSP’s camp as well.

“I actually had some people reach out to me and say ‘Georges St-Pierre is interested in fighting you’,” Bisping said on Fox Sport’s Jay and Dan. “Yes, some people from his camp. I was like ‘Really, wow. Okay.'”

“Tell him to sign the dotted line, just like (what I said about Dan) Henderson, if he really wants to come out of retirement.”

I could get excited about this fight since Georges usually fights 15 pounds lighter than Bisping and has been retired for awhile now. I wonder why St-Pierre would want to fight at middleweight? Maybe it would be a catch weight and not for the belt. Maybe he is doing what I have been doing for years with weight. I know I need to lose 5 or 80 lbs and my goal has always been 185…but as I age I convince myself I would look okay at 205. I am sure 230 will be my target in the not so distant future. On a side note – I am not even close to any of those.


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