MMA Fighter Craps Himself

MMA Fighter Craps Himself During Fight

Published On October 7, 2015 | MMA News


Inquisitr – An MMA fighter accidentally pooped all over the ring after being choked out in a fight this weekend, and the disgusting moment was all caught on video.

The incident happened during a fight in West Virginia between Daniel Cooper and Travis Wolford. The video starts near the end of the heavyweight fight, showing Cooper pounding Wolford with a series of hammerfists before putting him into a guillotine choke.

Wolford tapped out, but by then, the damage appeared to be done. As the dazed MMA fighter climbed to his feet, a trail of poop started to fall out from his shorts. Wolford then noticed that it was coming from him, but couldn’t do anything to stop it and ended up leaving feces all over the ring as he staggered back to his corner.

If I was an MMA fighter that is exactly how I picture my match going. No, I wouldn’t crap myself, but I would destroy my opponent so bad he would curl up in the fecal position. You have to admit that was some pretty good wordplay. I don’t know how this guy continues in the sport. He can either be the laughing stock of the MMA world, or be the laughing stock of the MMA world and make a billion dollars off the incident. I would choose the latter if I were Travis Wolford. Maybe he can string a few victories together and get a title shat. That was even better than my gem in the second sentence!!!

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