Andrew Whitney punches ring card girl

MMA Fighter Punches Ring Card Girl

Published On December 7, 2016 | MMA News

Andrew Whitney fought this past Friday at Titan FC 42 and lost. No, I am not talking about the unanimous decision that went to Farkhad Sharipov, I am talking about the tussle after the scores were read. Whitney was frustrated and threw a straight right hand that connected perfectly to the chin of the ring card girl. No, he was not trying to hit the woman, he threw the haymaker without looking behind him and the rest is history. The L comes when she ate the punch and asked for another. I may have made up the latter part of the last sentence but she did eat the right hand like a champ. Maybe if Andrew Whitney didn’t have pillows for hands he could have beaten the tough Sharipov earlier in the night. If the ring card girl is taking your best punch maybe you should choose another career.

On a side note – my better half is going to be mad if she looks at my browser history. Ring card girl takes a big one on the chin sounds very dirty. Do you know what else sounds dirty? The winning fighters first name…Farkhad. That is not a name it is the instructions my wife gave her boyfriend that I am not supposed to know about.


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