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Nate Diaz: There’s A Probability I’m Going To Get ‘Knocked Out’

Published On July 29, 2016 | MMA News

Nate Diaz went on Conan and shed some insight into his mindset going into a fight: “I’m a realist, man,” Diaz said. “I accept the fact that there’s a probability you’re gonna get taken out and it’s gonna be pretty embarrassing. I accept that and go out there and don’t let it happen. And hopefully come out on top.”

It is good to hear Diaz approaches life the same way I do. I wake up thinking I am so fat and overweight that I will probably die of a heart attack at some point during the day. When it doesn’t happen I consider that a win…It is basically like Nate and I are the same people. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the show please enjoy the video below:

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