George St-Pierre

Could George St-Pierre Come Back To Fight Nate Diaz?

Published On March 10, 2016 | MMA News

Could GSP be coming back to fight Nate Diaz? Based on a tweet from Firas Zahabi (God bless you <- that is funny because his name sounds like a sneeze) the leader of the TriStar gym he might be. I know Nate has been pushing for a fight with George St-Pierre since his brother faced him back in the day (he knows cash follows George around). Imagine the guy from Stockton cashing a check from the McGregor fight and following that up with GSP money. I am pretty sure he could buy 7 Stockton, California’s and have money left over for a yacht. I don’t think it would be a great fight because St-Pierre would throw him around like a rag doll but I don’t mind the fight either because Nate has made the UFC a ton of money and deserves a couple of pay days.


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