Kevin Bieksa Superman Punch Radko Gudas NHL

NHL Player Lands Superman Punch In Game!!!

Published On October 26, 2017 | MMA News

You know how the old joke goes, I once went to an NHL game and an MMA fight broke out. That is funny because the real saying is, I once went to a fight and a hockey game broke out, but I am clever and switched it slightly to fit the headline (don’t hate the playa, hate the game). Anaheim Ducks player Kevin Bieksa landed a superman punch on Philadelphia Flyers’ Radko Gudas during a game Tuesday night. I guess Kevin put the ko in Radko. Yeah, that was a bad joke but at least I won’t go down in history as the guy that got hit by a superman punch in a hockey game.

It appears Dana White saw the video and was a huge fan. He stated:

Hockey player throwing and landing a Superman punch on skates. I LOVE IT!!!!

Check out the tweet and video below:


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