Paige VanZant Hot Dog

Paige VanZant As A Dog Is Cuter Than Any Real Dog

Published On October 25, 2016 | MMA News

I was debating getting a dog recently and I have been hesitant due to the lack of time I am home but now that I see this new hybrid breed called The Paige VanZant I am all in. I can already imagine her sleeping with me at night, snuggling on the couch and licking my face (is it weird if I open my mouth?). I would throw her a bone every now and then and she would be the cleanest dog with all the baths I would give her. My tail would wag out of control when I rub her belly (that is code for wicked chub). I know that just got a little ruff (boom, K9 humor in your face) but thank me for skipping the pooper scooper and humping my leg jokes. The Paige VanZant breed is going to take over the world!!!

This is my I’m trying to be cute but I’m really sick face 🙁

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