Pearl Gonzalez Breast Implants UFC 210

Update – They Let Her Fight – Pearl Gonzalez Out Of UFC 210 Due To Her Boobs

Published On April 7, 2017 | MMA News

Update by Editor – They let Pearl fight since rule was written for boxers. 

Pearl Gonzalez  has been ruled out of UFC 210 because of her bad grades. The info I have states the New York State Athletic Commission could not get over her D’s. Oh shoot, scratch that. I think they are talking about her fake boobs.

It appears after the official weigh-ins an NYSAC official told her she can’t fight in the state because she has breast implants, which are banned among combat-sports competitors.

I assume they waited until after she stepped on the scale to tell her because everybody’s favorite part of a women’s fight is the weigh-in. They also needed to confirm the information written on the disclosure was accurate and after seeing Silicon Valley wasn’t just a place in California (I know it was hacky, but it will get worse) they decided to scrap the bout.

Apparently, the NY Commission likes their female MMA fighters like they like their pirates treasure…a sunken chest (told you). I am going to have to Tweet that later.

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