Episode 028 – Conor McGregor Destroys At UFC 205 And Miesha Tate Retires

Episode Details: BDARadio.com writers Chad ‘The Champ Is Here’ Alden and Paul St. Amand Jr. discuss UFC 205 results (4:59 – 28:33), I bet you want to see my rear naked – Jenna Karam and Iman Darabi (28:34 – 32:40), Bellator 164 results (32:41 – 37:08), north/south – Conor McGregor and Paul St. Amand Jr. (37:09 – 46:46), Miesha Tate retired (46:47 – 48:57), who would win in a fight – NES Classic Edition or Sega Dreamcast (48:58 – 59:50), and miscellaneous topics such as Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson in December (59:51 – 63:20).

About “A Man Walks Into An Armbar”

A Man Walks Into An Armbar is a weekly MMA podcast brought to you by BDA Radio and is dedicated to giving you all the hot takes on the week’s top mixed martial arts news stories. It features BDA Radio writers Chad Alden and Paul St. Amand Jr. The show is about a half hour long and may contain some adult themes so listener discretion is advised.

Opinions expressed on the show are those of Chad and Paul and do not represent the opinions of their employers, colleagues, friends and families.

Your hosts are Chad Alden (@ChadAlden) and Paul St. Amand Jr. (@PaulStamandjr)

Both Chad and Paul have been fixtures in their local MMA community. They have been around the industry for years and have gained many friends in the fight game. We hope you enjoy their non-technical but extremely funny take on the sport.

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