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There are so many Wrestling podcasts out there today. Everyone is doing something. We decided we need to be different, so we’re doing nothing. You read that right. If you love the world of pro wrestling and are looking for nothing to do, you’ve found the right podcast. The Wrestling Podcast About Nothing is a fun and most times funny journey into the world of professional wrestling hosted by a couple of guys who have dedicated their entire grown-up lives to trying to make it in the wrestling business.

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WPAN BDA Radio Exclusive Episodes

BDA Episode 039 – Best Comeback Of All Time

BDA Episode 038 – Worst Survivor Series Team

BDA Episode 037 – Worst Debut From A Future Star

BDA Episode 036 – Favorite Finishing Maneuver

BDA Episode 035 – Thinking About The Brain

BDA Episode 034 – Worst Finishing Maneuver

BDA Episode 033 – Worst Tag Team Name

BDA Episode 032 – A Day In The Life Of A WWE Extra

BDA Episode 031 – NXT Takeover Brooklyn III Recap

BDA Episode 030 – Worst Wrestler To Win A World Title

BDA Episode 029 – Favorite Entrance Music

BDA Episode 028 – Favorite Enhancement Talent

BDA Episode 027 – Breaking Down The Kingpin’s ROH Match

BDA Episode 026 – Best Wrestler To Never Win A World Title

BDA Episode 025 – Worst Wrestling Faction

BDA Episode 024 – Favorite Wrestling Faction

BDA Episode 023 – Worst Wrestling Movie

BDA Episode 022 – Worst WWE Debut

BDA Episode 021 – Worst Ring Gear Ever

BDA Episode 020 – Hornswoggle, Serial Killer Snacks & Peekaboo Penis in the Dirt Sheet Shuffle

BDA Episode 019 – CM Punk, The American Nightmare & Shane-O Mac in the Dirt Sheet Shuffle

BDA Episode 018 – The Kingpin Shuffle

BDA Episode 017 – No Way Jose, The Game & A Wrestling Comeback in the Dirt Sheet Shuffle

BDA Episode 016 – House Of Horrors, Scott Steiner & Vince’s Movie in the Dirt Sheet Shuffle

BDA Episode 015 – Dirt Sheet Shuffle #10 (Gotch, Hardys, Eva Marie)

BDA Episode 014 – First Day At Wrestling School

BDA Episode 013 – Worst WCW Gimmick

BDA Episode 012 – NXT Takeover Orlando Recap

BDA Episode 011 – Best WrestleMania Entrance

BDA Episode 010 – Best WrestleMania Main Event

BDA Episode 009 – Worst All-Time Entrance Music

BDA Episode 008 – Kofi, The Early Year(s) & WWE Fastlane Talk

BDA Episode 007 – Worst Angle Of The 80s

BDA Episode 006 – Worst WWE Vignettes

BDA Episode 005 – Best WWE Vignettes

BDA Episode 004 – NXT Takeover San Antonio Recap

BDA Episode 003 – Worst Gimmick Of The Early 90s

BDA Episode 002 – Best Bout At A Royal Rumble PPV

BDA Episode 001 – Best Royal Rumble Surprises

WPAN Episode Archives

Episode 061 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Legacy Of Steve Bradley With Brian Fury & Alex Arion

Episode 060 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: Steve Bradley’s Decade Of Developmental with Brian Fury & Alex Arion

Episode 059 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Impact Experiment 2

Episode 058 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: Being Unbreakable With Avery “A-Game” Forrestall

Episode 057 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: Myths & Misconceptions Of Independent Wrestling

Episode 056 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The 1st Anniversary Show

Episode 055 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The State Of NXT With OKayFabe

Episode 054 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Interview With EVOLVE’s Sean Burke (Flex Rumblecrunch/The Gatekeepers)

Episode 053 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams Club

Episode 052 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The ECW Effect

Episode 051 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Graps Grab Bag

Episode 050 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The WrestleMania Summit With Scotty Slade, Julian Starr & Sometimes Brian Fury

Episode 049 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: Tarzan Hates WrestleMania 2000

Episode 048 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Name Droppers

Episode 047 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Interview with Chaotic Wrestling’s Jamie Jamitkowski

Episode 046 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Drive Of Honor

Episode 045 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Interview With Ring Of Honor’s Cheeseburger

Episode 044 – NAI NEWORK ARCHIVE: The Uncivil War: North vs. South With #BTTPod’s Mike Mills

Episode 043 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Newz You Can Use

Episode 042 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Passion & Pain Of Booking An Indy

Episode 041 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Royal Rumble Summit With Scotty Slade & Julian Starr

Episode 040 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Royal Curtain

Episode 039 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: The Network Shuffle

Episode 038 – Thy Kingdom Come

Episode 037 – The 2017 Biffie Awards

Episode 036 – The New Japan Tour With WarBeard Hanson

Episode 035 – The Final Fight With Brian Fury & Alex Arion

Episode 034 – The Referee Confessional With Ring Of Honor’s Todd Sinclair

Episode 033 – The 411 On 205

Episode 032 – The Interview With Chikara’s Max Smashmaster

Episode 031 – The Survivor Series Summit With #CTBPod’s Chip K. Fabe & Tony S.

Episode 030 – The Tony Rumble Way With Rich Palladino

Episode 029 – The Revolution Evolution With RJ DeLuise

Episode 028 – The Cell & The Celebration

Episode 027 – The Interview With IWCCW & APW’s Brian Webster

Episode 026 – The Impact Experiment With #BTTPod’s Mike Mills

Episode 025 – The Sale, The Spear & The Shuffle

Episode 024 – The ROH Extravaganza

Episode 023 – The Interview With Ring Of Honor Referee Todd Sinclair

Episode 022 – The CWC Superlatives With OKayFabe

Episode 021 – The Interview With Ring Of Honor’s Donovan Dijak

Episode 020 – The Indy Life

Episode 019 – The Best Of The Rest With #BTTPod’s Mike Mills

Episode 018 – The SummerSlam Summit With Scotty Slade & Anthony Greene

Episode 017 – The Old School Review With Tarzan

Episode 016 – The Interview With Max Bauer (NXT’s Mickey “Axl” Keegan) Part 2

Episode 015 – The Interview With Max Bauer (NXT’s Mickey “Axl” Keegan) Part 1

Episode 014 – The Battleground Pizza Bash

Episode 013 – The Draft Chat

Episode 012 – The Interview With Wrestler-Trainer Brian Fury

Episode 011 – The Road

Episode 010 – Roman and Backlash and Dirt Sheets, Oh My

Episode 009 – The Interview With Ring Of Honor’s WarBeard Hanson Part 2

Episode 008 – The Interview With Ring Of Honor’s WarBeard Hanson Part 1

Episode 007 – The Smorgasbord Of News

Episode 006 – The WWE Extras Tent

Episode 005 – The Rollins Return

Episode 004 – The Interview with Matt “Tarzan Taylor” Spectro

Episode 003 – The Crossover

Episode 002 – The NXT Experience

Episode 001 – The Pilot

Wrestling Podcast About Nothing

Mike Crockett is a long-time independent wrestling referee, currently on an extended hiatus. Mike was introduced to this strange world when he discovered independent wrestling as a high schooler. Having performed all sorts of roles in addition to refereeing, Mike will be able to offer insight into the wrestling business that few others could.

“Kingpin” Brian Milonas has been performing all over the Northeast independents for well over a decade. The WPAN’s resident big man has shared the ring with some of the biggest names in the history of wrestling, including Vince McMahon and John Cena. Brian has also been a trainer, producer and booker in one of New England’s most well known wrestling promotions. Pulling no punches and sparing no feelings, The Kingpin will tell it like it is at all times.

Please join us every week for The Wrestling Podcast About Nothing, you won’t be disappointed. Can’t get enough of the guys? Follow them on Twitter @crocksox & @brianmilonas. Please also be sure to follow our generous sponsor @bda_radio for all the latest on WWE, UFC, Bellator and much more!

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