Episode 066 – NAI NETWORK ARCHIVE: Live From Fenway With Scotty Slade, The Closers, Beau Douglas & Davienne

Episode Details: Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett are coming to you live (to digital recording) from Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, where on Sunday, July 23rd, wrestling boots were the foot covering of choice! We’re taking you into the deep recesses of this hallowed ballpark with some special guests. We’ve got Scotty Slade, who may be on the outs with the Inside Perspective, The Closers (“Big Bacon” Brad Hollister & “Sexy Jesus” Hammer Tunis), who are at odds with The Kingpin, Beau Douglas, who wants everyone to get along, and Davienne, who just wants to watch a woman burn! Also, find out if Milonas’ call to the bullpen will be answered by Crockett!

Plus, a Promo About Nothing with balls in your face, talking trash adjacent to trash, and Brian’s latest ROH match hits the airwaves this week!

This Week’s Promo About Nothing

About The “Wrestling Podcast About Nothing”

There are so many Wrestling podcasts out there today. Everyone is doing something. We decided we need to be different, so we’re doing nothing. You read that right. If you love the world of pro wrestling and are looking for nothing to do, you’ve found the right podcast. The Wrestling Podcast About Nothing is a fun and most times funny journey into the world of professional wrestling hosted by a couple of guys who have dedicated their entire grown-up lives to trying to make it in the wrestling business.

Mike Crockett is a long-time independent wrestling referee, currently on an extended hiatus. Mike was introduced to this strange world when he discovered independent wrestling as a high schooler. Having performed all sorts of roles in addition to refereeing, Mike will be able to offer insight into the wrestling business that few others could.

“Kingpin” Brian Milonas has been performing all over the Northeast independents for well over a decade. The WPAN’s resident big man has shared the ring with some of the biggest names in the history of wrestling, including Vince McMahon and John Cena. Brian has also been a trainer, producer and booker in one of New England’s most well known wrestling promotions. Pulling no punches and sparing no feelings, The Kingpin will tell it like it is at all times.

Please join us every week for The Wrestling Podcast About Nothing, you won’t be disappointed. Can’t get enough of the guys? Follow them on Twitter @crocksox & @brianmilonas. Please also be sure to follow our generous sponsor @bda_radio for all the latest on WWE, UFC, Bellator and much more!

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Wrestling Podcast About Nothing

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