Jon Jones Dragracing Ticket

Police Bodycam Video Shows Angry Jon Jones Get Ticketed For Drag Racing

Published On March 29, 2016 | MMA News

Well, Jon Jones usually wins the war of words with Daniel Cormier when it comes to trash talking but the police officer in this video just eviscerated him. The cop was crafty, quick witted and funny. Jon came across as a spoiled entitled DB. I feel like Jon was recording the stop too. I couldn’t tell what he was doing on his phone but that bodycam footage put a stop to that pretty quickly. Everybody always wants these cameras to protect themselves from the police but 9 times out of 10 this is going to protect the police from the public. How great would it be to have Cormier bring this guy to the weigh-ins.

***Update*** – Jon Jones was arrested Tuesday for a probation violation relating to the tickets, according to the Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center website. No bail has been set.

Video from MMA Fighting

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