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Pro Wrestler Matt Riddle, The Original ‘King Of Bros’

Published On September 20, 2016 | Wrestling News

MMA Fighting – On the eve of CM Punk’s debut in the UFC in Cleveland, Our Lady of Mount Carmel just down the street was hopping. Inside the gymnasium people of all ages gathered around —pot-bellied men, purple-haired girls, mulleted fellows who rocked a bit unsteadily when talking. One man, who was working a table of paraphernalia with WWF figures from the 1980s, was dressed in Renaissance garb. Looming over the ring was a large framed painting of Pope John XXIII, and Dan Severn — who competed earlier in the night — sat there just below it taking things in like cattle rancher studying a contrail on the horizon.

Many were drinking cheap beer in red cups.

Shortly after the loveable high-flying Jollyville Fuck-Its, who came out with hubcap necklaces expressing exactly those sentiments, the crowd began chanting “Bro! Bro! Bro!” as a figure emerged down the ramp to the sounds of “Regulate” by Warren G. Here was the other crossover athlete who’d made his way to Cleveland. He sauntered out wearing standard MMA trunks.

The wrestler smiled big, so big it looked like he had an extra row of teeth. He had a Super Mario Bros cap covering his long blonde locks, and sported a luxuriant tan. Matt Riddle the pro wrestler is a cross between Adonis and Jeff Spicoli. He was wearing a t-shirt with “Riddle” on it, “The King of Bros,” a spoof of the Budweiser emblem. The crowd let out a cheer, as Riddle — the former UFC fighter who went the opposite way of CM Punk, from the Octagon to the squared circle — stepped through the ropes in his bare feet.

This is part of a great piece written by Chuck Mindenhall and I recommend clicking on the link above to read the entire article. He does a great job capturing the professional wrestling scene as well as telling Matt Riddle’s story. He is going to be the next big thing in the business and I am glad his MMA roots are creating interest in his new career. It is very difficult to make the transition from wrestler to professional fighter but it is equally as hard doing it the other way as well. Matt is a great person with some extraordinary talents. If you have the ability to catch one of his shows I highly recommend it. Then, you can tell your kids you saw him before he made it to the WWE.

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