Randy Couture Mexico Rescue

Randy Couture Helps Rescue Family From Car Crash In Mexico

Published On March 22, 2016 | MMA News

MMAWeekly – While former UFC champion Randy Couture has become more known for the action in the movies he’s made over the past several years, he took part in some real-life excitement en route to working on a new movie project.

Couture landed in Mexico on Sunday and was on his way to his hotel in preparation for his role in the movie “Bruja,” when he and his driver saw a minivan crash, according to TMZ Sports.

“I looked up and this minivan went off the road,” Couture told TMZ. “It rolled over twice into the jungle. My driver pulled over and called the police. We busted into the woods and helped the two women and the kid.

“The vehicle was on its side, so everyone was climbing out the side door. One of the women seemed like she was in shock. She was really weak. So I carried her out of the van and to the road. I wanted to get everyone away from the car because I was concerned it was going to catch fire. There were all these fluids leaking from the van.”

All in all, it sounds as if the results of the accident weren’t too severe. Couture said that all six people involved emerged with no serious injuries.

I always enjoy reading stories like this because you never know if it will be fight or flight when things like this happen…although with Randy Couture I am sure there is no flight response in his body. That dude was born to run into the woods and save people. He has always been a beast and if you told me he had to carry the car to the road by himself… I would believe it. I am not that kind of bro. I was raised with two sisters so I have no clue what it feels like to do man work. I know when you are fixing things they say lefty loosey, righty tighty…but what does that really mean? And how do I get one of those star shaped screwdrivers? Those seem pretty cool.

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