Could Rhonda Rousey Become The Beast Incarnate of the WWE Women’s Division?

Published On June 8, 2016 | Wrestling News
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NY Post – When Brock Lesnar announced he would be fighting at UFC 200, it seemed like the mixed martial art promotion had pulled a fast one on the WWE.

Now, however, it looks as though “losing” Lesnar to the UFC was just one small step in the WWE’s secret plan to lure UFC superstar Ronda Rousey into the wrestling ring.

Forbes first reported the details of the idea, which included the WWE allowing Lesner to return to the Octagon to curry favor with UFC so the fight promotion would lend them Rousey in the future.

Additionally, the WWE hopes they get the chance to promote their big summer show, SummerSlam, at UFC 200.

The UFC is apparently open to the idea because they recognize how valuable a promotional partnership between the companies could be.

It is unclear when the apparent arrangement was struck between UFC and WWE, but the companies have had a mutually beneficial relationship for years.

Lesnar was an established superstar when he left the WWE to join the relatively unknown UFC in 2007.

Despite going only 5-3 during his short UFC career, Lesnar set numerous pay-per-view records for the promotion, while also providing a level of mainstream star power the likes of which the UFC had never seen.

Having won the heavyweight title, Lesnar returned to the WWE in 2011 an even bigger star than before having established himself as a legitimate, real-life fighter.

Moving in the opposite direction was WWE star CM Punk, who left the “sports entertainment” world for the UFC in 2014.

Not wanting to get left out of the promotional party, the WWE took advantage of UFC’s and Ronda Rousey’s rising mainstream stardom by getting her to appear at WrestleMania 31, where she briefly teamed up with The Rock to lay the smackdown on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

What an amazing coup this would be for WWE if they could get Rhonda Rousey full time. She would instantly become the biggest Superstar on the Women’s side of the roster and also become someone with huge crossover appeal. You could argue she’d be the top Superstar on the roster, period. For as many steps as the Women’s Division has taken, it’s clearly still on the backburner based on recent booking. Rousey would lend huge credibility and give the WWE their first true Main Event level female since Chyna.

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