Ric Flair Takes You into the Weekend

Published On April 29, 2016 | Wrestling News

When he’s not causing commotions in airports and telling Women to kill themselves, Ric Flair is the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun. You could lose yourself for hours and hours on YouTube watching Flair promos from four decades, and the vast majority of them are money. Unlike some of the other promos we’ve featured, you knew exactly what The Nature Boy was saying. You knew who he was, he knew who he was and most importantly you believed it. Ric Flair was indeed everything he said he was.

So forget a weekend with the family. Forget catching up on sleep or cleaning out the garage. Make Ric Flair proud this weekend. Hop in a limo, take a leer jet somewhere and party all weekend long. And when your wife threatens to divorce you for doing all that, be just like Ric Flair and divorce her ass! The only thing Flair loves more than partying is paying alimony. If that doesn’t sound good to you, just go on YouTube or the WWE Network and live vicariously through Ric Flair promos.

Oh, and hunny if you’re reading, I’m totally kidding. I’ll clean out the garage and watch the kids on Saturday morning so you can catch up on some sleep.

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