Ronda Rousey Seen In Public For First Time Since UFC 193 Loss

Published On December 1, 2015 | MMA News

Ronda Rousey

I guess if you are going to be photographed in public for the first time since losing to Holly Holm you might as well dress like a bum and not put any makeup on. Doesn’t Ronda realize we only like her for her looks? She could lose her next ten fights and I would still Google her if she looks hot. Most of her fans don’t care about her athletic prowess, they like sitting around talking about how they wouldn’t mind seeing her rear naked. That was a little jiu-jitsu humor. It’s funny because rear naked is an MMA staple and could also mean her butt with no clothes on. I guess either way leads to a choke…that was a masturbation joke. I hope Rousey steps up her game because I need new material to look at. I can’t keep Googling her old weigh-in videos and ESPN photo-shoots.



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