Sage Northcutt Girlfriend MMA UFC

I Am Sad To Say Sage Northcutt May Have A Girlfriend

Published On January 10, 2017 | MMA News

I think “Super” Sage Northcutt is trying to get me jealous by flaunting this attractive young lady in my face. He knows I wanted him all to myself when I wrote a blog about how he should destroy my better half’s vaginal walls. I just don’t know why he want’s a 10 when he can have a 6 (my lady sure does look average when she does her hair and makeup). I just hope Sage knows he has a warm spot he can lay his head if this relationship doesn’t work out (hint – the spot rhymes with my wife’s who-ha). I guess another one bites the dust although I would have preferred my girl biting her pillow as Sage earned his “Super” nickname.

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