Sage Nothcutt Splits Apple in Two

Sage Northcutt Destroys The Big Apple In New Post!!!

Published On November 30, 2016 | MMA News

Boom, that might be one of the best headlines ever written. You clicked on the article thinking “Super” Sage Northcutt was trashing NYC but it turns out he was actually destroying a big apple. I don’t consider that click bait, I consider that great journalism.

Everybody knows Northcutt has huge muscles, good looks and a phenomenal smile (I assume a massive rod as well) but I did not know he had the strength of 10 men. I attended a show in the 90’s with the “Power Team” and these guys would tear phone books in half, run through  boards, carry refrigerators but none of them were splitting Cortland’s with ease. I have a feeling Mickey Gall might conveniently get an injury and drop out of their fight after seeing his bone crushing grip.

The only time I thought I would see Granny Smith split in two was when Northcutt was bringing her to ohhh town between the sheets. Once he unleashes his giraffe the girls split in half (another genius thing I just made up).

After seeing this video I have no doubt Sage will produce in the Octagon on December 17th. That is funny because I used the word produce and that is the section of the grocery store where you find apples (I may be too smart for my audience). Forget McIntosh it should be McInGOSH he is strong!!!

I want to see who can Rip some Apples! #SuperSage

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