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Sage Northcutt Should Date My Girlfriend!!!

Published On October 13, 2015 | MMA News

Sage Northcutt, the 20-year-old professional UFC lightweight who sports an 8-1 record should have relations with my girlfriend. I watch all of “Super” Sage’s fights (very impressive minus the submission loss to Bryan Barberena) because I really like his post-fight interviews. This guy is a stud…and I don’t mean that in a great fighter kind of way. I mean this guy is good looking, with an electric personality.

When I first laid eyes on him, I thought this is the kind of man I want my girlfriend to marry when I die prematurely from being fat. In every relationship you are allowed one celebrity sex freebie. If you are not aware of this arrangement, it means you get to choose one famous person to bump uglies with and nobody can get mad if that fantasy comes to fruition. My GF chose Channing Tatum and mine has always been Natalie Portman…that was until Sage Northcutt appeared on my radar. I am giving my free pass to my better half in exchange for her allowing me to watch her have sex with Mr. Northcutt. That would be the best experience of her/my life. I can tell he wears a size XXXL cup, and when his hips start moving like a Van Damme movie it will be all over. I just hope he impregnates her because I would give anything to raise his kids. Did I mention Sage is working on his petroleum engineering degree from Texas A&M? It better be petroleum jelly because there is no way he is not going to fit his Kielbasa in her kumquat. I dare you to look at the pictures below and tell me you wouldn’t want to be cuckolded by that guy (Ahh, you can’t). He is what they call a certified bull!!!

Cinnamon bun ????????

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A photo posted by Sage Northcutt (@supersagenorthcutt) on

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