Sage Northcutt tap

Sage Northcutt Talks About UFC Loss

Published On February 1, 2016 | MMA News

MMAJunkie – Sage Northcutt has broken the silence following his first UFC loss, and, well, he seems like he’s going to be just fine.

Sage Northcutt tap

In Saturday’s UFC on FOX 18 main-card opener, Northcutt (7-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC) quickly tapped out to a second-round arm-triangle choke from Bryan Barberena (11-3 MMA, 2-1 UFC), who took the bout on short notice (watch the Barberena vs. Northcutt video highlights).

The loss left many fellow fighters rejoicing, largely because the 19-year-old prospect had received a healthy marketing push and relatively big paydays from UFC officials.

Was Saturday’s loss in New Jersey proof Northcutt was rushed too soon? Was the quick tap-out evidence he’s got the skills and looks but perhaps not the heart?

Northcutt, who moved up to welterweight for the bout, doesn’t seem too fazed by those questions or doubts. Instead, he hopped on a hoverboard, spun a basketball, and promised he’ll be back – before clanking a shot. (The kid’s clearly got a sense of humor.)

Here’s the short clip (via Twitter):


I watched this fight at the bar this weekend and all of my friends could see the disappointment on my face when Sage Northcutt tapped to an arm triangle in half guard. Who the eff taps to an arm triangle in half guard? I loved this guy but I am afraid I am breaking up with him. I can’t root for somebody that seems to have no heart. He reminds me of Lebron James because they were both gifted with so much athletic talent that they didn’t have to work hard growing up. When they are finally faced with a little adversity they crumble. Lebron was able to overcome it a little but I am afraid Northcutt is going to be a dud. One of the girls watching the fight said it looks like he is giving up. That is exactly what happened and I have no respect for quitters. Sage Northcutt can put his 12 pack abs away because they did no good Saturday. Go ride your hoverboard and miss an easy basketball shot. A real warrior would have done a million takes of that video until the shot went in. Another reason you lost my respect. He should change his nickname to Pooper instead of Super. Ha!!!

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