Sasha Banks Just Says No to Total Divas

Published On April 21, 2016 | Wrestling News
Share post on...Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterPin on PinterestShare on StumbleUponEmail this to someone – Now, the term “Divas” has been discarded and replaced with simply the Women’s Division. Just like the men, the women are WWE superstars. Charlotte is the newly-crowned WWE Women’s Champion, and with that a brand new championship belt. She, along with Sasha and Becky, tore the house down in their triple threat match at WrestleMania, earning best-match praise from a lot of wrestling journalists.

Total Divas, meanwhile, just wrapped up its fifth season with a Season 6 premiere to air in the fall of 2016. Recent changes (perhaps due to declining ratings) will include Naomi returning to the show, and she’ll be bringing Lana, Renee Young, and Maryse along for the ride. Nikki and Brie Bella will still appear on the show, but they’ve been slated to star in a spin-off entitled Total Bellas, which will follow the lives of the twins and their families. Conspicuous by their absences on either show: Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks. You’d think that Paige would fall under the wrestler category due to her advanced skill in the ring, but she’s been a Total Divas cast member for three seasons, and recently expressed a touch of sadness over the WWE’s decision to drop the Divas moniker.

Sasha Banks was a recent guest of Busted Open Radio and offered candid responses to questions surrounding Total Divas. It’s clear Sasha is for the change and wants to be a major catalyst for that change (Thanks to Pro Wrestling Sheet for the transcription).

“There’s always gonna be, so to say, Divas. And I’m in a category of wrestlers. It’s not for me. I won’t ever be on that show. Saying it out there for a fact. But it’s fine. People like it. People watch it. So let them enjoy it.”


No surprise here from “The Boss”. From the moment she exploded in NXT it was clear that Sasha Banks was cut from a very different clothe than any of the so-called Divas. Unlike so many that came before her, Banks was a huge fan of Pro Wrestling growing up. She followed her dream at a young age and joined a wrestling school. She worked the indies and caught the eye of WWE. While this would seem like the typical path to WWE, it had not been all that common until recently. Especially for the ladies.

Good for Sasha Banks for coming out and saying “no” publicly to being on Total Divas. She’s there to change the game for Women in the ring, not by having her “real” life exploited for the purposes of raunchy reality TV. This is especially interesting considering that not only will WWE be producing Total Divas but now also the ever-so-compelling Total Bellas. Good news is, I guess you’ll still get to see Daniel Bryan on WWE TV weekly. Bad new is, it’s on this trash.

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