Sasha Banks, Ultimate Warrior & John Cena Confirmed for WWE Video Game

Published On June 15, 2016 | Wrestling News

Forbes – The Boss is in the game.

If you’re a WWE and video game fan, you know exactly what I mean in that opening sentence. Despite being left out of WWE 2K16′s retail roster and not included in any of the post-release DLC, Sasha Banks was one of the first WWE Superstars confirmed to appear in the upcoming WWE 2K17 on Tuesday.

Banks’ confirmation came in one of the most creative roster reveals in the history of the sports video game genre. Banks and two other Superstars had their inclusion in this year’s roster made public via painting.

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with artist Rob Schamberger, the maestro who paints the art featured on the WWE’s Canvas 2 Canvas YouTube show. We talked about his many dealings with the WWE, including the roster reveal project.

Schamberger is also the man behind much of the art found on WWE t-shirts sold at This week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Schamberger’s work is being used to unveil the first 11 Superstars who will appear in WWE 2K17.

He’ll be painting the stars throughout the event from June 14-16. Here’s a look at the first stage of Schamberger’s Banks creation:

Having Banks as one of the first three Superstars revealed speaks to her massive popularity. While she’s currently out of action with an injury, the Boss remains arguably the most over women’s star in the WWE—and that includes current champion Charlotte.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an A.J. Styles painting from Schamberger in the next day or two.

Well, she’s apparently never going to be on TV again but Sasha Banks is going to be in the new WWE 2K video game coming out this fall. You can’t see her on Monday or Thursday nights but you will be able to use her as a playable character on your PS4 or XBox One. Let’s be honest, you may be able to use Banks better than WWE Creative seems to be these days. I’m starting to feel like we may have a Daniel Bryan situation on our hands here as Banks is clearly the most over female on the roster but is not being treated as such. Maybe we’ll keep getting more Dana Brooke!

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