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Shane Carwin Announces He Signed With Rizin

Published On October 27, 2016 | MMA News

Shane Carwin made it official when he announced he signed with Rizin today on Reddit. That news had a certain body-part of mine rizin if you know what I mean (hint: it rhymes with weenis). I can’t wait to see the fighter with the biggest hands step inside the cage again and you know what they say about a guy with big hands…huge PUNCHING power (get your mind out of the gutter although that is probably giant too)!!! It appears he is going to take part in the open weight tournament so we may end up seeing him square off with Wanderlei Silva or Mirko Cro Cop (who meet each other next). That would be crazy news if it was 2005, but there is a lot of good competition in that promotion so we should get to see him knock a few heads off. Good luck Shane!!! Check out his post below.

He Has Rizin from MMA

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