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The UFC Agrees To Significant Pay Increase For Both D.C. And Miocic In Super Fight

Published On February 1, 2018 | MMA News

July’s UFC 226 pay-per-view will be headlined by a champion vs. champion super-fight between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic. However, it wasn’t just a normal contract negotiation for the world’s largest Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

For their last fights at UFC 220, Daniel Cormier earned $500,000.00 in show money, while Stipe Miocic earned $600,000.00 for his efforts.

The two champions have now agreed to face each other, but according to D.C. they required a bump in pay to make the fight happen.

Before the UFC light-heavyweight champion agreed to move up in weight for the super fight, he told the UFC that his normal salary would not get the job done. This is something that Miocic also agreed with.

With the UFC’s desire to put the fight on, they reportedly agreed to give each man a pay increase.

Cormier explained: (Via FloCombat)

”With that being said, I told Stipe ‘for $500,000, I’m not fighting Stipe Miocic.’ I threw out a big[ger] number and said for that number, I’m fighting Stipe Miocic. He goes, ‘I f—ng love you.’”

”That’s what he said. I said for the right numbers we need to do this. His wife is in the back going, ‘Yes, DC!’”

”History. [Dana White] doesn’t only sell you on financial incentives, he sells you on history. He has worked with me for a number of years now so he knows the types of things that make me perk up.”

”’History, Daniel, history. Epic. Something that no one has ever done.’ Sure, 170 [pounds] and 185, 155, and 145, yes, but no one has legitimately tried as the light heavyweight champ to go fight the heavyweight champ.”

“‘This is the battle for the baddest man on the planet.’”

So since this fight is happening, it appears the UFC bent to D.C.’s demands.

This fight will take place in Las Vegas, and while presently we don’t know what the agreed upon salary terms are, the Nevada State Athletic Commission discloses fighter pay approximately 24-hours out from fight night.

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