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Snoop Dogg Giving Thoughts On Daniel Cormier Highlights Is Funny

Published On April 4, 2017 | MMA News

Everybody knows Daniel Cormier will defend his belt against one of the scariest punchers ever this weekend when he meets Anthony Johnson for the second time (the first time DC won by submission at UFC 187). If you didn’t know that, I found a sneaky way to give you the details and not make you feel bad (you are welcome).

What I bet you didn’t know is how funny the S-N-Double O-P was at MMA commentary. Sit back in your 6-4, smoke some endo and sip your gin and juice while you watch the rap god talk over Cormier’s highlight reel.

On a side note – I think Snoop should start a series doing this kind of thing. He is like Tommy Toe Hold without the muscles and MMA knowledge.


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