Somebody Popped Alistair Overeem!!!

Published On December 22, 2015 | MMA News

Alistair Overeem

I think somebody let the air out of Alistair Overeem. He seems to have lost fifty pounds, all of his definition and the ability to wash clothes on his abdomen. Whatever he has been doing I want to do the opposite. I think AC/DC had a song about this phenomenon.

’Cause I’m T.R.T. I’m dynamite

T.R.T. and I’ll win the fight

T.R.T. I’m a power load

T.R.T. watch me explode

If you don’t know what I did there, I changed the words from T.N.T to T.R.T (testosterone replacement therapy). It’s funny because T.R.T usage has been banned recently and a ton of fighters are starting to look a little smaller in the muscle category. That simple change to the song fits perfectly. Alistair exploded and all of his lean body mass ended up on a sandwich Jon Jones was eating. When somebody says they lost 10 pounds, I quickly say I found it. We all laugh because I am fat and we move on in life. Overeem loses all of his muscles, and the only valid explanation is Jon Jones really found them. No joke in there, because the dude is a beast now.

Jon Jones Before and After

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