Team Alpha Male New CEO

Team Alpha Male Hires New CEO

Published On August 25, 2016 | MMA News

MMAWeekly – Team Alpha Male is proud to announce that Josh Espley, former Executive Vice President of Onnit, has been hired on as CEO.  Team Alpha Male is embracing the rapid rise of MMA and made the hire to help them transition from a fight team, to a major player in the business of MMA.

“A new gym facility, worldwide seminars, team sponsorships, and an improved web presence are my first orders of business” stated Espley.  “I am honored to work with such a great group of guys in and out of the ring.”

Urijah Faber, owner of Team Alpha Male, had this to say about Espley’s hiring and the bright future of his team: “We, as fighters, have always focused on our most important task…fighting.  As a business, we felt in order to stay ahead of the curve, we needed to bring in someone with experience building a major company and brand.  Josh has done that with Onnit and we feel he can do the same for us.  I think we may be creating the mold for how fight teams should adapt with changing times in our business.”

Espley’s hiring is in conjunction with the recent coaching shifts made by Team Alpha Male.  Nine months ago, Justin Buchholz officially took over as head coach, with Danny Castillo, Chris Holdsworth, and Joey Diaz captaining the Wrestling, BJJ, and Boxing programs. These coaches compliment an established premier coaching staff including long time TAM Coaches BJJ black belt Fabio “Pateta” Prado, striking ace “Master” Thonglor Armatsena, and BJJ black belts/TAM pros Dustin Akbari and Felipe Braga.

Espley went on to say, “We are turning a new chapter and are committed to giving our next generation of fighters everything they need to succeed.”

This is shocking news!!! Not shocking because Josh Espley was the guy picked to be the new CEO, but shocking because Team Alpha Male has a CEO. I didn’t know gyms and fight teams had a structure that included a CEO that actually did CEO things. I thought the gym owner gave himself/herself that title because it looked good on business cards. I am sure in the age of branding, viral videos and social media having a guy that helped bring Onnit to where they are today can’t hurt. I am just mad they passed on me for the role. Don’t they know I am a master of penis jokes and terrible puns? The Champ Is Here!!!

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