Mike Goldberg UFC 207 Final Broadcast

UFC 207 Will Be Mike Goldberg’s Last Broadcast And I May Be The Only Sad Person

Published On December 30, 2016 | MMA News

Dana White confirmed Friday’s card will be the last fight Mike Goldberg calls for the organization and I may be the only guy on the planet that is sad he is leaving the UFC.

I have been reading people all over the internet discuss how uneducated he was when discussing basic grappling/jiu-jitsu techniques, etc. but I think that is what made the broadcast team so great. He would talk like an average fan and it would open the door for Joe Rogan to educate him and the listeners at the same time. Not everybody watching the UFC rolls on a daily basis so speaking to them at a 4th grade level allows the viewer to engage in the process and learn from what the expert (Rogan) has to say.

Rumors are floating around Jim Rome may be the guy they get to take his place and I can’t speak to his fight credentials but why remove a staple of the sport and replace him with a guy I do not see allowing Rogan to be…Rogan?

Mike Goldberg UFC 207 Final Broadcast

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