Unused Cody Rhodes Character Promo Leaks Online

Published On May 13, 2016 | Wrestling News

WhatCulture – Cody Rhodes has long proved himself one of the most versatile performers in all of World Wrestling Entertainment. This came as something to a surprise to folks who remembered his first steps on WWE TV, but whether he has been Dashing, filled with self-hate, the Son of a Son of a Plumber or whatever the heck Stardust is supposed to be, Cody has done the job with aplomb.

Footage seems to have been leaked of yet another Cody Rhodes gimmick, although this one has actually officially gone unused and also includes his wife, Eden Stiles (real name Brandi Runnels).

Cody and Eden appear in what isn’t unlike a business commercial, talking of merchandise sales, tour buses and what Cody deserves to receive due to him being the hardest working man in the company.

The idea seems to be that Eden is tired of Cody not getting what he deserves, and under the guise of ‘Rhodes Industries’ the two would be set to take it without asking. Whilst Cody’s ability isn’t up for debate, the video does show that Eden has skills that extend way beyond ring announcing.

With rumors constantly swirling around that the Stardust gimmick is coming to an end, could Rhodes Industries be the next stop for Cody and Eden?

It’s always cool to see unreleased items like this leaked on the internet. Remember a few years back when the NXT promo classes showed up online? It’s clear that the Stardust character is not long for WWE, I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing either. At one time Cody Rhodes seemed destined for the main events. As part of The Legacy with Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase, he looked like a huge star in the making. Rhodes and Dibiase’s feud with DX was basically a main event feud. Then something happened, we don’t know what or why, but WWE seemed to view Cody as a lower mid-card guy. This Rhodes Industries character looks like it has potential to me but now that it’s leaked online I doubt it would ever see the light of day. Lets hope that WWE can figure out what to do with Cody Rhodes to get him back on track to superstardom.

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