Urijah Faber: The Only Reason Dominick Cruz Is Alive Is We Have Rules In MMA

Published On February 11, 2016 | MMA News

I saw this post on Instagram and it was kind of inspirational. Urijah Faber was able to express emotion, story and death threats all in one caption. I am in favor of this rubber match because there are not a ton of people in their division worthy of a title shot. It is a fight that sells and I still like each of them as a person. They both have similar stories as well. The amount of time, hard work and dedication it took from Dominick Cruz to overcome his injuries and climb back to the top of the division is the same as all the time, hard work and dedication it took from Urijah Faber to have such a great and long career. I think they dislike each other so much because they are too much alike. It reminds me of how my girlfriend hates this girl she grew up with. Never mind, she hates her because of her giant boobs, great butt and slutty personality. All the reasons she should never leave me alone with her!!!

I Keep hearing articles talking about me. Apparently @domcruz619 thinks something has been gifted in my life. I’ve had double the amount of fights that dude has in around the same amount of years, i have 5 more finishes than he has total fights, I’ve been a champion or a top contender for the last 13 years. Last time we fought i put MR. Hard to Hit on his ass multiple times. And the reason he is alive is because there are rules in mma and i was forced to let him live. I have jumped up weight classes and fought future hall of famers at multiple divisions. I take on all comers and don’t back out if my body isn’t feeling perfect. I can’t wait to whoop this dope! @danawhiteufc @lorenzofertitta please gimme a date. Lets get a staff of Drs on hand at Cruz’s training and ask his teammates to take it easy. I wanna be the one to break the glass champ….again!! #glasschamp

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