Anderson Silva Son Spar UFC

VIDEO: Anderson Silva Spars With Son

Published On September 7, 2016 | MMA News

It appears Anderson Silva’s son can beat your son up. I get life is not fair but I do not know how we are supposed to compete with people blessed with great genetics. I would love to date a super model but people looking like Channing Tatum (I am not sure that example is relevant. Do women still like him?) scoop them up and I am stuck with a 7 at best (sorry Brittany). Now, we have one of the greatest fighters to ever put on 4 ounce gloves training his son to be a monster in the ring. If I have a son, how am I supposed to compete with that? Oh yeah, I can’t. I guess he will have to use the advantages given to him and rule the internet by writing stories about Anderson Silva’s son. Check out the footage below:

Meu amigo meu parceiro meu filho. Gabinha obrigado filho eu me desenvolvo e evoluo com meu filho. ??????????

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