Vignette of the Week: Double J Jeff Jarrett

Published On July 21, 2016 | Wrestling News

You know every time you spell this guy’s name you do it just as he did. That’s J-E-Double FF J-A-Double R-E-Double T. And you just read that in his voice and gave it a little laugh. Jeff Jarrett was brought to WWE with a lot of similarities to The Honkey Tonk Man. A musical character who had no musical talent. I still know every word to “With my Baby Tonight” though. While he went on to big things in WCW and TNA (a company he owned), Jarrett’s run in WWE seemed to fall short of everyone’s expectation for him. Jarrett’s most memorable WWE moment probably came when Vince McMahon seemingly fired him on TV when he bought WCW. Legend has it that this was a direct response to Jarrett holding WWE up for more money on his way out the door, in order to lose the Intercontinental Championship. No matter how you feel about Jeff Jarrett, if you remember this era of wrestling, you remember these vignettes.

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