Who is BDA Radio?

BDA Radio doesn’t just write about mixed martial arts, we are a mixed martial arts brand. An MMA blog since 2015. We break news, attend events and appear regularly on other media formats. We started BDA Radio because we wanted to create an MMA community. A place people could go and relate to the bloggers. We are fans of the sport but you will quickly notice we are not experts when you need to improve your guillotine. You will have to visit a martial arts school for that. We do like exciting fights…and the ring card girls are not bad either. Please take the time to share your thoughts and opinions with us. We appreciate the support you give us.

BDA Radio is located 50 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts in a city we like to call Manchester. Don’t be confused because it is also known as the 603, ManchVegas or ManchAngeles.

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