Woman Pulls Gun on Wrestler at Independent Event

Published On June 16, 2016 | Wrestling News
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FoxNews – A Georgia woman was arrested Saturday after she pulled a gun on a pro wrestler during a match, authorities said.

Patricia Anne Crowe, 59, was a spectator at the American Wrestling Federation event in Ringgold on June 4, the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department said.

Crowe said in a police report that she let her temper get the best of her when she confronted wrestler Paul Lee, his manager and the show’s commissioner.Northwest Georgia News reported that deputies arrested Crowe after she jumped into the ring and pulled the gun on Lee.

Lee was in the middle of a match with a wrestler known as “Iron Mann” and was in the middle of hitting him with a chair.

“I had him tied up and was beating on him, and this lady jumps up with a knife, cuts him loose, and then pulled a loaded gun on me,” Lee said. “She had that thing loaded with one in the chamber and the safety off. All it would have taken was for her to get shaky with that thing and it could have fired.”

Lee said the woman had been to shows before and should have known it was all part of the act.

“She’s been to several shows over the years off and on, but she was acting like a nut Saturday night,” Lee added.

Part of Lee’s character is to draw heat from the crowd and banter back and forth with spectators to get them riled up. Cpl. Chris Faulk said Crowe, of LaFayette, admitted she pulled the handgun after a verbal exchange.

“We’ve done fraternity shows at colleges and stuff before where drunk college kids will try to run into the ring or something, but nothing like this,” Lee said. “In about 1992, at another location, we were doing a show and I got stabbed by about a six-inch blade by a fan. Fans usually don’t get involved though, they usually just watch.”

Lee said Crowe got angry after he told her to “sit her toothless self back down.”

Crowe is charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct. She was released from jail Monday on a $4,000 bond.

Lee said he wasn’t really happy after hearing that Crowe was released from jail. Promotion officials said they will reevaluate their security measures.

If this had happened at any other form of live entertainment, it would’ve been the lead story on the news. Because it happened at a pro wrestling event it’s all a big joke. Some wrestling fans are crazy, seriously. I’m not talking about the ones who piss and moan on the internet about Roman Reigns being WWE World Heavyweight Champion either. I’m talking about the folks that not only suspend their disbelief but can’t separate fiction from reality. This used to happen quite a bit in the old days. There are plenty of stories of wrestlers being stabbed, riots and all sorts of craziness. A true wrestling heel does a great job of blurring the line of fiction and reality. Some people though, don’t really need much of a push to go crazy. I wonder if there’s any truth to the rumor that this lady is related to this guy:


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