Wrestling Vignette of the Week: Scott Hall Comes to the NWA

Published On June 15, 2016 | Wrestling News

And you thought the only vignettes Scott Hall ever did for a wrestling character was for Razor Ramon. Think again! I’ve unearthed this gem from NWA TV in 1989. Scott Hall obviously bearing a striking resemblance to a certain television P.I., The NWA wanted to capitalize on it. At least I think that’s what they were going for, the opening of the Magnum PI television show that was popular at the time. Before becoming Razor Ramon, Hall was a guy who languished in different places with bad gimmicks. It was clear he had the look, skill and size to be a huge star but it wasn’t until he got to WWE that he became one. I’ve often wondered what sort of Main Event run Hall could’ve had as Razor had he not left for WCW, to never be heard from again…right?

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