WWE Comic Books Coming Soon

Published On July 7, 2016 | Wrestling News

L.A. Times – Yes, yes, yes. Professional wrestling and comic book fans alike can share a rallying cry because Boom! Studios is partnering with World Wrestling Entertainment to produce comic books and graphic novels.

Though the exact details of the partnership have yet to be announced, Hero Complex has the exclusive first look at an image of WWE superstar John Cena illustrated by Jamal Campbell. No word if the wrestler/actor will be reprising his popular 4th of July “We Are America” speech, but here’s hoping.

This is not the WWE’s first foray into comic books, of course. From “WWF Battlemania” (Valiant) in the early ’90s to the more recent “WWE Heroes” (Titan), WWE wrestlers have long graced panels for various expanded adventures and bouts beyond the confines of the ring. As a medium rife with spandex-clad heroes with large personalities engaging in flashy battles with their foes, comics are a perfect arena for these stories featuring fan-favorite superstars. And fans are a big part of the WWE universe.

“Here at Boom! we’re thrilled to be a part of WWE’s return to the comic book medium,” said Boom! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “The WWE Universe is a passionate fanbase, and we aim to provide them with the comic series they’ve always wanted — a series featuring their favorite Superstars and storylines, a series that highlights the incredible history of the brand. An authentic series that matters.”

Boom! is no stranger to licensed comics. From “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” to “Big Trouble in Little China” as well as “Adventure Time” (from their all-ages imprint KaBoom!), the Los Angeles-based comic publisher’s catalog features an array of popular licensed titles.

“Boom! is one of the fastest-growing comic book publishers in the industry and their vision for the WWE brand showed us exactly why,” said Casey Collins, WWE’s executive vice president of consumer products. “We were blown away by the level of detail and creativity and are confident the WWE Universe and comic book fans will agree.”

Not a huge shock that WWE is getting into the business of comic books again. The crossover appeal is huge and no doubt both genres share many of the same fans or at the very least target the same demographics. The WWE’s previous forays into comics stunk, but if someone can come along and do it well there should be plenty of material. WWE Superstars are supposed to be larger than life heroes, the same can be said for comic book heroes. I would expect to see the likes of John Cena (pictured), Roman Reigns, Big Show, Kane and maybe even a Sasha Banks featured as heroes. I’m sure the pissing and moaning about Cena being featured has already commenced, but guess what? Comic books are targeted towards the fans that largely make up Cena’s fanbase…children. I wouldn’t expect super edgy comics featuring the likes of Dean Ambrose. Either way, the WWE machine keeps finding ways to print money. In a day and age where the TV ratings aren’t up to par, they still are creating ways to make huge profit.

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