WWE RAW Highlights and Thoughts

Published On June 7, 2016 | Wrestling News

The six guys, all up on ladders promo spot was a cool concept, each guy hit some key points and the Jericho claiming to have won one spot was really funny. Predictably it broke down into physicality so to restore order out comes…TEDDY LONG? I honestly don’t know what WWE was trying to go for with this. Whatever it was, it missed and missed badly. It was supposed to be funny and it just came across as confusing. Ultimately Stephanie McMahon came out and did what we expected all along.

It’s starting to seem like a three-way feud for the United States Championship is brewing after Jack Swagger took Rusev to the limit and Titus O’Neil was out there for commentary and then got involved. I actually really like this. Swagger and Titus are two underused guys who deserve a chance, even if it’s as fodder for Rusev. Ultimately The Bulgarian Brute stands to gain from all this if he comes out on top over two guys. Interested to see how this one plays out in the long run.

Hell of a promo by John Cena and AJ Styles here. This match was already highly anticipated and I thought these guys sold it even more. Cena comparing Styles to The Rock was high praise. AJ telling Cena he buries guys like him. This was 100% a case of two guys at the top of their game. Cena even slipped and mentioned The Bullet Club. If you’re not happy Cena is back and feuding with Styles, you’re a moron.

The match was kind of a throw away between the Vaudevillains and Enzo & Big Cass. The story here is Big Cass flipping his lid at the end. I actually think this is a bad sign for Enzo & Cass. Cass showed a different side and even Enzo didn’t know what to think. Sadly, I think this pairing may be short lived as WWE may think Cass’ look, size and skill might be wasted in a tag team.

I’ll cover these two vignettes together because I feel the same way about both. I had high hopes for both Primo & Epico and the pairing of Darren Young & Bob Backlund, but after weeks and weeks of both their vignettes I just want them to stop.

The main event of raw I think went down as you’d expect. One of the New Day goes down, The Club takes advantage and John Cena makes the save. The action of the match was good and the good guys stood tall at the end. It’s clear that WWE is highly invested in all parties in this match.

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