WWE RAW Thoughts & Highlights

Published On August 9, 2016 | Wrestling News

Once again Enzo Amore and Chris Jericho were absolutely on fire on the mic. Since the AJ Styles feud has ended, Jericho has hit his stride and probably become the most entertaining heel on the roster. Enzo is Enzo and that is just fine. The guy is amazing on the microphone and while it may get old at some point, it’s certainly not even close to it at this point. I actually love the inclusion of Kevin Owens in this mini-feud and I’m excited for the tag match at Summerslam

I like the different route they’re going with the Seth Rollins/Finn Balor Summerslam match build. Hopefully they keep going this way and don’t just throw them in random tag matches every week between now and August 21st.

This segment was tough to watch. It dragged, it was boring and utterly pointless. I almost feel like the beginning was intended to be horrible in hopes of having the crowd cheer for Roman Reigns when he broke it up. We all knew where it was going, setting up Rusev and Reigns for Summerslam and if you didn’t know Lana was going in the cake you’re clearly not a long time fan of WWE.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks would ask RAW GM Mick Foley for a handicapped match, but it is what it is I suppose. This was a short match with the intent obviously to make the Banks vs. Charlotte Championship match at Summerslam a true one-on-one encounter. They got where they wanted to go.

I was shocked this was saved to close the show. It’s not like it’s a big deal the Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan was on RAW. He was just on RAW a couple of weeks ago when they announced him. The constant crossover of brands has already started and I’m guessing it’ll just continue this way. Rather than letting a rivalry of brands happen organically, WWE seems to want to shove it down our throats with having Superstars crossover. It also awkwardly lead to an impromptu United States Title Match between Cesaro and Rusev. With Reigns coming out at the end, it all just felt like something to get the crowd to cheer Reigns.

Overall this was a very disjointed episode of RAW. Lots of awkwardness, lots of throwaway stuff and lots of roundabout ways to set things up for Summerslam. Lets see where Smackdown Live leads us tonight, the good news is I feel like it can only go up from there.



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