WWE Will Not Be Suspending Brock Lesnar

Published On July 28, 2016 | Wrestling News

Maxim – The WWE is letting Brock Lesnar off the hook after testing positive for PEDs twice in the past month. Shocking, right?

Lesnar, who was popped for estrogen blockers on the day of his UFC 200 fightwith Mark Hunt and in an out-of-competition test a couple weeks prior, could have been suspended for violating the WWE’s wellness policy. Should have been, some say. But the WWE sees it differently. Because Lesnar is a part-time wrestler, the wellness policy simply doesn’t apply to him. So he’s in the clear and free to wrestle Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

The WWE’s decision is not sitting well with some fans, especially those who have posters of Roman Reigns all over the rooms. Reigns was suspended for 30 days last month for a violation of the wellness policy. He was reportedly caught with Adderall in his system. Letting Lesnar off so soon after punishing Reigns, especially when one was on a fairly common drug and the other a PED, has got these dudes fuming.

The obvious question here is why does the wellness policy not apply to part-timers? Because it’s purpose is to protect the health of full-time athletes, not ensure the integrity of the sport, the WWE told Fox Sports.

Remember, this is full-on entertainment, not an athletic competition. There is no integrity to protect. The WWE isn’t worried about the purest athlete winning, it just doesn’t want guys dying in the middle of a match. At least, that’s what they say.

Why is anyone surprised by this? Have you seen Brock Lesnar? Does he look like a guy that is all natural? How about The Rock? Do you think WWE really would go to either of these guys and ask them to piss in a cup before they wrestle? If you do, you’re out of your mind. Furthermore, neither one of these guys would even agree to those conditions, both would just pass on working for WWE. I honestly do not get the outrage for PED use in professional wrestling. Nobody seems to be upset when a Hollywood Actor suddenly gets jacked for a movie part, so why pro wrestlers. More specifically, WWE Superstars. Fools who don’t like it are always quick to point out that it’s “fake”. Yes, WWE is 100 scripted, so why are we holding WWE Superstars to higher standards than the Stars of your favorite movies or TV Shows?

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