Could WWE’s New Era Soon See a John Cena Farewell Tour?

Published On May 13, 2016 | Wrestling News


WWE continues to blaze forward with a new era, but where will that leave John Cena when he returns on the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw? While still a huge star, it’s time for WWE to begin gradually phasing him out of the picture.  House Money Studios’ Alfred Konuwa explains why John Cena’s WWE return should also mark the start of his farewell tour.

It’s certainly an interesting thought. At some point the torch does need to be passed, but is it going to be anytime soon? Everyone swears they hate John Cena, yet his merchandise sales and popularity see to stay pretty high. The arena is electric when he enters whether the crowd is booing or cheering him on a particular night. Every time Cena is in the building it has a big fight atmosphere. WWE should announce the day Cena comes back that he’ll challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam, and then just sit back and see how the crowd reacts.

I hope we are nowhere near the end of the John Cena era in WWE. The guy is WWE’s one true megastar at this point and there is nobody ready to ascend to his thrown currently. Cena can show up on RAW, star in an action movie, play a comedy role and hit the morning talk show loop seamlessly. He is also a guy who looks and feels like a star no matter the company around him on the screen. I’m guessing WWE realizes this too and won’t their number one guy leave anytime soon.

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