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Stop Booing, You Know Roman vs Brock Is Going To Be Great!

Published On February 28, 2018 | Wrestling News

Three years ago, a young superstar named Roman Reigns was given an opportunity to main event Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar. Daniel Bryan felt like the natural opponent for Brock in 2015, but WWE went with the inexperienced Samoan – much to the chagrin of all the fans. The fans did have a right to be upset in 2015, however, in 2018, there’s no one better than Roman to face “the beast” in the main event of Wrestlemania.  

Going into Royal Rumble 2015, fans, and even legends like Mick Foley felt Daniel Bryan’s return from injury should have culminated with him winning the Royal Rumble and earning a shot against the “unstoppable” champion Brock Lesnar. Not only did WWE not give us Bryan v Brock, a dream match, they gave us a young star that did nothing to merit a main event at the biggest show of the year.

Admittedly, I felt Brock and Roman might go down as one of the worst main events in WWE history (I’m sure I was not the only one). But all the critics and fans were proven wrong, and Roman showed he had the skills to rise to the occasion. The physicality of the match was something fans were not accustomed to – not only did Brock give Roman a beating, but fans even witnessed blood in a Mania main event for the first time in years.

That match may not have fixed all of Roman’s problems, but you cannot deny since that match, Roman has improved by leaps and bounds. Not only is he capable of having good matches, but the former muscle of The Shield has consistently performed at a level expected of a main event star.

Mr. Consistent

In the last year or two, with the exception of perhaps AJ Styles, there has been no superstar more consistent than Roman Reigns. He not only has good matches week in and week out, but more importantly, he delivers when it matters most.

From his mind-blowing clashes with AJ Styles, the classic with John Cena, and his highly entertaining brawls with Strowman. You cannot argue with the consistent quality Roman brings to the table, and you even have to dig deep to find the last bad Roman Reign’s promo.

He has made adjustments and improvements in almost every area a WWE performer can – and even the fans that use the same tired excuse for booing him cannot help but get sucked into his unbelievable performances time and time again.

‘The Big Dog’ is the top star in WWE, a statement supported by a recent report that said he is the second biggest merchandise seller in the company, and the fact that Forbes stated that Roman is one of the WWE’s most viewed YouTube stars alongside Brock and Cena.


Big Match Roman

Much like Cena did for years (and continues to do), Roman has managed to use the “boo boys” to his advantage. Whenever he steps out for a match, whether the fans are booing or whether they are split – the crowd is never silent during a Roman Reign’s match.

I have even experienced it firsthand at WWE live events. While it is clear stars like Finn and Seth are more popular at times, it is even clearer that fans make the most noise for Roman’s matches almost every time out. Love him or hate him, the energy in the building makes it feel like a big match, and that is why he is the top star.

When it comes to his match with Brock Lesnar, history proves we will be getting a match worthy of main eventing Wrestlemania. Not only does Roman have Brock’s respect, meaning Brock will happily work with him, but every time they have faced one another it has been magic.

The Wrestlemania 31 main event is an all-time classic. The triple threat between Roman, Dean, and Brock may be one of the best triple threats in WWE history, and the fatal four-way match at last year’s Summerslam may go down as the greatest four-way match of all time.

Brock and Roman have proven chemistry, something Strowman, and even Seth failed to show when they faced “the beast incarnate”.

Destined For Greatness

Is this Universal Championship match a surprise? No. Is it a fresh match? Not really. Is it a great matchup? Absolutely! Brock and Roman is stylistically a match made in heaven, and what’s more, they have a proven track record of delivering when the lights shine brightly. And if they were both able to produce magic when Roman was half the performer he is today, just think about what they can do this year.

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